Nanoli Therapeutics LLC is on a mission to redefine drug therapy by harnessing the power of nanobodies. We are dedicated to developing potent, affordable, and convenient nanobody-based therapies to address a range of urgent health issues, including emerging viruses, cancer, and other serious diseases affecting humans and animals.

Our founder and CEO, Dr. Fang Li, is a professor of structural biology and endowed chair of pharmacology at the University of Minnesota Medical School. Dr. Li has been instrumental in the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic, earning recognition for his pioneering research on the molecular mechanisms of the COVID-19 virus.

The pandemic has cast a spotlight on the shortcomings of traditional antibodies as antiviral therapies, such as their hefty costs, limited efficacy, and logistical challenges. Addressing this, Nanoli Therapeutics is capitalizing on the exceptional attributes of nanobodies. These tiny antibodies, derived from camelid animals, are marked by their single-domain structure, resulting in lower production costs, enhanced target accessibility, improved tissue penetration, the flexibility to adapt to mutations in targets, and the potential for inhalation delivery.

Besides nanobodies, we also develop other types of therapeutics and vaccines.

With a strong foundation in scientific excellence and innovative structural biology approaches, Nanoli Therapeutics is well-equipped to take on important global health challenges.